A day in Singapore

A couple weeks back, I did some traveling, and I had about 1.5 days in Singapore by myself. I took a 10 min ferry ride to the island of Pulau Ubin, a perfect little place. I rented a mint green bicycle for 10 dollars for the day, and I set off. I stopped for an ice cold coconut and some lunch, and I also saw monkeys! It is one of my favorite days this year.

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We love winter fur realz

Winter is always love/hate for me because while I love me some sun and sunburns, I also adore photo shooting outside in near negative temps. Not exaggerating- one of my shoots this weeks was 10 degrees. Because WE CAN.

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One more wedding to close out this season in epic form…

Heading to a perfect cabin near Creede, Colorado this coming week for a festive change in scenery as I edit, edit, edit so many beautiful weddings and shoots. It’s also a little 30th bday treat :) : ) I’m excited for the mountains to make me feel small, and I’m excited for nature to put ideas in my head, and I want to see so many stars at night. And then I’m headed to Tennessee next weekend for my last wedding this season…. I’m sorta sad to say bye to this season. It kinda rocked. And you guys rock. Just saying.. These pics are from last weekend. xo

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From the archives

Tonight I’m feeling myself catching up on the edits of this glorious wedding season, and my heart is full, and I’m feeling content. And I’m also looking forward to a micro/weekend getaway to Austin to play with some friends before 4 more cool cool weddings this Nov/Dec. xo


2ish yr. anniversary shoot

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Lauren and Chris in the fall sunset

Wow, I’m doing an awful job of updating my site : / You guys keep me too busy : ) SO many plans to update things this winter- but for now I’m shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting, and had to share a few today. 2016 wedding season is already INSANELY busy. I’m accepting more weddings than ever before because everybody I keep meeting is so dang cool, and I want to document their days. This is Lauren and Chris, who I fell in love with in about 3 seconds. They love each other lots.

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[this little fam] what an ahhhmazing day. Rebecca and Chris got married 3 years ago- this time they wanted a marriage in a church, blessed by the church. The cool part is that their new daughter got to attend : ) An intimate day of cooking in their home for their guests and loved ones. So I got to document homemade margs and a comfort food feast in their backyard where the perfect day turned into a mild and magical evening where little lights twinkled. Oh- and the stained glass cake from Alliance Bakery. Unreal. 0001_ 0003_ 0005_ 0008_ 0009_ 0011_ 0014_ 0017_ 0018_ 0020_ 0023_ 0025_ 0027_ 0031_ 0032_ 0033_ 0034_ 0038_ 0039_ 0040_ 0042_ 0044_ 0048_ 0051_ 0055_ 0058_ 0059_ 0061_ 0062_